School readiness

Our main focus and goal is to give the pre-schoolers at Thembinkosi not only a place of safety and stimulation, but to better equip them for the main stream school system. We would like to give them a fair chance at succeeding academically by getting them ready for school. To that extent, the guidance of Miss Nella is hugely appreciated. Her interest and mentorship has greatly inspired and encouraged the dedicated teachers at Thembinkosi.


Secondly we are constantly striving to improve the physical circumstances of the children at the school. Next on the agenda is curtains for the baby room to keep out the sun when they are sleeping. We are also planning to construct a shade net over the play area to protect the children from the sun during the hot summer months.

Retha Venter

Retha Venter has been appointed as project coordinator and will be responsible for communication and liaising between sponsors, Incanda and Thembinkosi. She will help identify needs and oversee projects at the crèche.